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In a rapidly evolving landscape, payers are challenged to provide predictable access to timely care. Partnerships that efficiently deliver quality and value at scale are leading the way in behavioral health care for today and tomorrow.

Scale and deliver better outcomes

Catalight provides access to innovative, individualized care services. For payers looking to deliver high-quality care efficiently, Catalight provides a scalable network designed to meet the demands of today while helping prepare for tomorrow.

Why Catalight for Payers

Proven Quality

Scalable Care

Innovative Technology

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    Building a scalable network to meet the demands of today while helping payers prepare for tomorrow

  • Payer Success Story

    The Challenge

    In between delivering exceptional member experiences and staying up to date on new laws and regulations, it can be difficult for payers to keep pace with all the changes in the market. What they need is a proven partner that can help them scale a network of providers today and deliver actionable insights to help them prepare for tomorrow.

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    The Solution

    With a robust network of more than 12,000 practitioners that deliver nearly 3 million hours of care each year, Catalight provides a scalable solution to meet the evolving needs of payers and their members. Benefits of partnering with us are access, quality and value.

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    The Outcome

    We partner with one of California’s largest payers to manage a network of nearly 100 provider organizations that collectively support more than 12,000 families a day. Through our expertise in network management and the delivery of innovative — and individualized — care services, we provide progressive and predictable access to quality care for the behavioral health community.


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Meet unprecedented demand for behavioral health services by predictably delivering high-quality, outcomes-driven care at scale.

Five Considerations to Transform Your Behavioral Health Partnerships

  • One: Impact

    Start with the areas where you have the greatest opportunity to make an impact. You need a partner enabled with proprietary technologies and robust infrastructure that can focus on the path with the greatest opportunity to meet your organizational goals.

  • Two: Efficiency

    Address high-cost areas with high demand. You need partners with an expansive range of proven treatment modalities to provide the right level of care for each individual, resulting in better outcomes and value.

  • Three: Scalable

    Consider partnerships that can scale for the long term. Partners with long-term track records can help to ensure long-term success.

  • Four: Experience

    Partners with experience means access to real-world clinical data. The results? More measurable and repeatable outcomes.

  • Five: Adaptability

    Partners with experience, scale and data can adapt to changing regulatory conditions while meeting client needs.


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